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About Us

Melton Travel Centre is the first travel agency in Melton Shire serving customers for more than 30 years. It was established in 1985 helping thousands of travelers throughout the globe. We are an independent travel agency with highly respected travel suppliers such as airlines, hoteliers, tour companies, cruise lines, insurance providers, and wholesalers. Services include online booking engines to help you book your trip hassle-free online.

Since we are a trusted travel agency that works independently, we are not locked by any airlines, touring companies, insurance providers and other travel providers’ agreement. We have access to the best deals promoted on TV, radio, and newspapers and we can offer you great deals on the booking you deserve to get. Travel is not a commodity; it is an experience. Allow us to bring you places you can’t even imagine!

Traveling on your own definitely takes time. Time is money. With us, you can save both money and time. We have online and offline resources to use to book travel the easiest way ensuring that confidential information is safe and secured. One best quality that makes us your best buddy is that we are happy to listen to the travel research you have done. Our aim is to serve you better.

Melton Travel Centre is provided with repeat and referral clients. We will be happier to see you back. Share us your plans and budget and let’s create an extraordinary travel experience – together!

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